About us

Educate children and parents about a balanced diet

Our bet is to meet the needs of parents and children. Few parents really know the nutritional needs of their children, and many of them think that their children are not sensitive to a balanced diet. Ma Petite Assiette works on simple and innovative products to facilitate infant nutrition as soon as the diet is diversified.

Our history

Ma Petite Assiette is above all a human adventure, made up of encounters and sharing.

Aunt of 4 children, godmother of 3 out of 4.

Christelle Courrège is often asked to baby-sit. By dint of making faces with food to make her nephews discover and appreciate it, she tells herself that there is something to be done to improve infant nutrition.

More than 10 years of experience

Her experience in marketing communication, her entrepreneurial spirit, and her lifelong passion for the food and health sectors have led her to look for ways to help children (and parents) eat healthier. Ma Petite Assiette was born!

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