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Advice and articles from health professionals on dietary diversification, the DME (Child-Led Diversification) or autonomous diversification,breastfeeding...

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Refusal of milk or bottle

You are breastfeeding your child but you have to go back to work soon and you are wondering how to do it? Baby has always been fed...


Gluten has been in the news for a few years now, but what exactly is gluten and, above all, in what foods does it occur? What is...

Cheeses during pregnancy

As a future mother, are you wondering if you can eat cheese while you're pregnant? It's quite possible, and even recommended, but...

The basics of the EMR

The child-led diversification is a child-led diversification method that is beginning to emerge more and more in France. But what is it?

Our support to AFAO

At the beginning of this year, we would like to share with you some news that makes us particularly happy. We are honored to support the AFAO in...

Holiday meals for babies

Christmas is coming fast! In the middle of planning the festive season, you have to ask yourself what you're going to do...

The chestnut

Do you know the difference between chestnut and brown? The chestnut is the fruit of the chestnut tree and is edible; as for the chestnut, from...
Baby eating pasta

Baby dinner

When do we start feeding the baby dinner? Many of you and you ask me that famous...