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Advice and articles from health professionals on dietary diversification, the DME (Child-Led Diversification) or autonomous diversification,breastfeeding...

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red beet

Red beetroot

Today, I'm going to talk about the vegetable beet also called "red beet". For your information, there are many varieties of beetroot: white, red, green, red,...
cooked white ham

Cooked white ham

When the meat-fish-egg group is introduced at the time of food diversification, cooked white ham is one of the meat products often present...

Dairy products

During food diversification, the introduction of dairy products often raises questions! What foods are they exactly? Can they be the equivalent of milk as we know it?

The gag reflex VS choking

Many parents are apprehensive about introducing pieces for fear of choking. The gag reflex, also known as the gag reflex or gagging reflex, is the most common...
Baby eating a cookie

Breakfast at baby's house

Breakfast is one of the 4 daily meals and accounts for 25% of the day's nutritional intake. But then, when should it be introduced?

Refusal of milk or bottle

You are breastfeeding your child but you have to go back to work soon and you are wondering how to do it? Baby has always been fed...


Gluten has been in the news for a few years now, but what exactly is gluten and, above all, in what foods does it occur? What is...