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Free and independent, they give their advice and recommend Ma Petite Assiette products free of charge. There is no question of partnership, the health professionals adhere to the Brand's philosophy. They give their approval for the referencing of new products and conversely, some never saw the light of day because they did not respect the quality charter of Ma Petite Assiette. They also participate in the development of exclusive products in order to create products that will facilitate the daily life of tomorrow's parents...

Ma Petite Assiette is fortunate to have a growing number of health professionals who support its approach to provide the best possible support for families.

Our health experts

Speech-language pathologist specializing in oral disorders, EMR trainer

Fanny Abadjian

I have oriented my practice towards pediatric eating disorders/infant and child oral language disorders. I am also an EMR trainer and content producer for an " la_vie_du_maman_ortho " page on Instagram for professionals and parents. In order to promote the right information about the baby's development, feeding, possible difficulties etc., I have created a page called "la_vie_du_maman_ortho" on Instagram for professionals and parents.

Ma Petite Assiette is a French company that carefully selects all its products. They are innovative, high quality tools that have been studied, that are attentive to baby's development and that will stimulate his autonomy. It is an honour to be able to support it, which does everything to help babies and parents during the key stages of a child's development.

Pediatric and Perinatal Dietitian

Tiffany Deroyer

Specialized in pediatrics and perinatality, I accompany children from an early age and even before, taking care of future mothers. During my consultations, I share my expertise in paediatric nutrition and I am involved in prevention with parents with dietary advice adapted to each one.

I am absolutely thrilled to support My Little Plate. A company on a more than human scale, for its simplicity, its availability, its ambitions to simplify the life of parents, its professionalism, its constant evolution... A big thank you to Ma Petite Assiette for the trust placed in me for each mission, each article, each request for advice...

Feel free to visit her website to learn more about Tiffany.

Midwife, future IBCLC (lactation consultant)

Midwife since 2014 and after becoming a mother in 2018, I decided to specialize at an expert level in breastfeeding support. While training to become an IBCLC certified lactation consultant, I decided to open a professional Instagram account @milkymidwife where I share information about breastfeeding, but also about pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, gynaecological follow-up and midwifery.

I support Ma Petite Assiette because it is a human-sized company run by an exceptional and very professional woman who is committed to finding the best products to help parents diversify their children and the most reliable information from qualified professionals.

Occupational Therapist in Pediatrics and Eating Disorders

Marie Ruffier Bourdet

Occupational therapist specialized in pediatrics and eating disorders in pediatrics for 15 years (also known as eating disorders), I accompany babies, children and parents in order to restore a serene and efficient diet.

I am a trainer for occupational therapists but also health professionals to improve the care of eating disorders in France and elsewhere.

A site like Ma Petite Assiette is essential to guide future parents. It is a great pleasure to collaborate with Christelle because behind all the projects and tools that are proposed, there is a great deal of energy and reflection so that the tools are in line with the sensory-motor development of the baby and the needs of the parents.

Feel free to visit her website to learn more about Marie.

Pediatric dietician-nutritionist

Olivia Béziat

As a dietician for more than 15 years now, I have oriented my career towards the exclusive accompaniment of children and professionals during meal times in day care centres and schools. I accompany families when an eating disorder or a pathology (illness, allergy, intolerance, etc.) complicates the meal with often a loss of pleasure in eating. I work in close collaboration with a team of paediatricians and specialised paramedics in order to create together a global care of the families. When everything is going well, I also provide advice to facilitate the transition to food and the discovery of food with all its senses.

I can only support Ma Petite Assiette which offers reliable information backed up by professionals in the field. The products offered are often already used by experts and Ma Petite Assiette brings them to light so that you can benefit from them and make your life easier every day. I would like to thank Christelle for constantly listening to our needs in order to enrich her product or service offer.

Elodie ADLER

Elodie ADLER

Having recently obtained my Specialized Study Diploma in Pediatrics, I am currently doing replacements in General Pediatrics and Pediatric Endocrinology. During these consultations I accompany children from birth to the end of their growth.

I also created the Instagram Doctochou account last year in order to provide prevention and advice to parents.

I support Ma Petite Assiette, which is a small, solid and competent company in everything it does. Whether through its innovative utensils, recipes or expert advice, it is present on all fronts to help parents in the diversification of their child's diet.

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