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66% of parents heat their baby's bottle in the microwave, but the Anses advises against this method of heating because of the risk of burns and overheating if the temperature is not properly controlled.

So how do we go about it?

The Danish company Senserna has looked into the subject in order to respond to this problem and has created the Milkymeter: the first microwave thermometer that will allow you to obtain a body temperature (+/- 37°) in a few seconds without the risk of overheating and burning your baby. Very practical when baby is crying at 4 o'clock in the morning and you are not properly awake?

The Milkymeter does not need batteries or a charge. It uses the microwave's own energy and turns on automatically when you switch on the microwave. It's convenient to take with you on trips, to restaurants, to grandma's and grandpa's... It works everywhere, all you need is a microwave oven.

QUICK AND EASY TO USE, just put the Milkymeter in baby's bottle and start the microwave. The Milkymeter starts automatically and flashes a green light when you need to stop the microwave. This saves precious time when preparing the bottle and allows you to spend more time with baby.

Many advantages

  • Easy to use, very difficult to get wrong
  • Fast: only 15 to 40 seconds, 10 times faster than a bottle warmer
  • Innovative technology prevents overheating
  • Helps preserve milk nutrients
  • Can be used directly with water or infant milk
  • No battery or charge required
  • It is small and very light, easy to carry or store
  • For microwave use only
  • BPA free and CE certified
  • Made of food-grade plastic
  • Can be cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher
  • Can be sterilised with a cold water, boiling water or electric steam steriliser
  • Invented in Denmark

How does it work?

Place the bottle with the Milkymeter in the microwave, the minimum line should be covered by water or infant milk. Start to heat it up. Keep an eye on the flashing LED light on the Milkymeter, which indicates the temperature level in real time:

  • Blue light: the milk is warming up - too cold to serve.
  • Rapidly flashing blue light: the milk is almost ready to be served.
  • Green light: the milk has reached the ideal temperature - Stop the microwave!
  • Red light: If you do not turn off the microwave when the milk meter is flashing green, a red light will flash. The red light means it is too hot, cool it down before serving.

When the flashing light turns green, turn off the microwave and take out the bottle. Stir the milk with the Milkymeter to even out the temperature differences. Put on the teat and check the temperature as you normally would.

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