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All the keys to a good start in dietary diversification

A complete virtual accompaniment by a health professional.

18 videos to know everything...

The stage of dietary diversification is approaching and you have a lot of questions? It's not always easy to get the right information, or even to have the right person to tell you.

Tiffany Deroyer, a pediatric dietician, will accompany you virtually for over an hour by reviewing the basics of dietary diversification.

When to start? With what food? In what quantity? Tiffany will give you clear answers to these questions based on the latest recommendations.

If you still have questions at the end of the screening, don't panic! You will have access to a forum where you can exchange and get answers.

Progress at your own pace and start the great adventure of dietary diversification with peace of mind!

EMR (Child-Led Diversification) will be covered in another series of videos to come.

Program Summary

These contents are the exclusive property of Ma Petite Assiette. Any reproduction or commercialization is prohibited.

| 1 – Program Introduction

| 2 – Breastfeeding and infant formula

| 3 – Other drinks for the baby

| 4 – When to start dietary diversification

| 5 – Dietary diversification in practice

| 6 – Gradual dietary diversification

| 7 – Quantities and proportions according to the age of the child

| 8 – The evolution of textures through diversification

| 9 – Fruits and vegetables

| 10 – The choice of fruits and vegetables and their preparation

| 11 – Fats

| 12 – Starchy foods

| 13 – When to introduce starchy foods

| 14 – Meat products (meat, fish, eggs)

| 15 – The different animal proteins

| 16 – Alternatives to animal proteins and special cases

| 17 – Milk, cheese and milk substitutes

| 18 – Points to watch out for when diversifying your diet

| 19 – Special features related to dietary diversification

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