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The transmission of taste in children

The transmission of taste is a fascinating subject that I decided to tackle in this new article. You are probably wondering from what point on...
Baby lying on a towel with a chef's hat on his head. Next to him is a red pepper, broccoli and radishes.

Vegetarian baby: is it possible?

Are you a vegetarian and would you like to pass on this way of eating to your child? Do you want to become a vegetarian and include it in all your...
cooked white ham

Cooked white ham

When the meat-fish-egg group is introduced at the time of food diversification, cooked white ham is one of the meat products often present...

Dairy products

During dietary diversification, the introduction of dairy products often raises questions! What exactly are they? Can they be the equivalent of milk as we know it?

The gag reflex VS choking

Many parents are apprehensive about introducing pieces of food for fear of choking. The gag reflex, also known as the gag reflex or gagging reflex, is the most common...
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