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The basics of the EMR

The child-led diversification is a child-led diversification method that is beginning to emerge more and more in France. But what is it?

Holiday meals for babies

Christmas is coming fast! In the middle of planning the festive season, you have to ask yourself what you're going to do...
Baby eating pasta

Baby dinner

When do we start feeding the baby dinner? Many of you and you ask me that famous...

Typical baby meals/menus

It's not always easy to know baby's nutritional needs and to start dietary diversification or DME. So to help you...
Baby sugar

Giving baby sugar?

During the 4th month of pregnancy, the fetus already starts to feel the sweet taste of the amniotic fluid thanks to the appearance of the...
baby calcium

Calcium in babies

Your baby is most likely getting calcium in her daily diet, but what is its role in the body, in the body's metabolism, in the...
Baby iron

Baby iron: what's the point?

We hear about iron in the diet but what is its role for the body, and more specifically in the smallest or most vulnerable children?