The meals

L’apéritif pour les bébés

L’apéritif pour bébé : eh oui, même les bébés y ont aussi le droit ! Afin de combler les apports nutritionnels indispensables et conséquents…

Typical baby meals

It's not always easy to know what your baby's nutritional needs are and to get started on diversification or EMR. So to help you...

Feeding during breastfeeding

You are breastfeeding or would like to breastfeed and you are wondering about your diet? Should you increase your caloric intake and limit your food intake?


The introduction of a "solid" breakfast, usually at the time of food diversification, is an important step in the life of children, and their parents!
Fruit juice

Fruit juices

Fruit juices have a healthy connotation thanks to their vitamin content, but what food group do they really belong to and what are the benefits?
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