teething toy

The usefulness of teething toys

Oral exploration with a teething toy, or other, is important for our babies, it is part of normal development. Here's a quick look at...
Bebe eats lemon

Gustofacial reflexes

Did you know that taste was discovered long before birth? Acid, bitter, salty, sweet and umami (or the 5th taste) were...
baby calcium

Calcium in babies

Your baby will certainly consume calcium in his daily diet, but what role does it really play in the body, in the environment and in the...
Baby iron

Iron for babies: what's the point?

We hear about iron in the diet, but what role does it really play in the body, especially in the smallest or most vulnerable children?

The restrictive brake in babies

Many babies, children and even adults have restrictive brakes without knowing it. However, they can impair a baby's ability to suck...

Petits pots : bio ou pas bio ?

At a time when we are seeing an explosion in the number of organic products on offer, you who only want the best for your child may well be tempted to...
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