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Children's training knife - Grey

Brand : KiddiKutter

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The expert's opinion
Our children essentially learn by mirroring. This means that very quickly our little one will ask for the cutlery as we do, but also the knife. However, the motor skills of the baby will not allow him to acquire the praxis to cut right away. The Kiddikutter will therefore enable the very young child (around 2 years old) to cut food in complete safety.
Marie RUFFIER-BOURDET - Occupational therapist in paediatrics and eating disorders
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The finger-safe knife!

The KiddiKutter Kids Knife is a fun and safe way for parents to teach their children the art of cooking and improve fine motor skills.

It is also very useful for adults and children with motor difficulties.

It has been designed in Australia for 3 year olds. It will cut like a sharp knife but will not cut children's fingers due to its serrated stainless steel blade. It works like a saw. Kiddikutter is not sharp, so it will not chop.

Washing and care

The Kiddikutter knife can be washed by hand and in the dishwasher.

You should always cut the food on a cutting board, do not cut with knives in silicone plates, otherwise you will damage your silicone plate.

Please note that some foods, such as carrots, can sometimes rub off on the handle, without affecting the use of the product.

! Warning!

The children's knife can be used from the age of 3, always under adult supervision.


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